Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Wordage

Blog Post of the Week: When belledame222 gets mad, she doesn't hold back. I was absolutely thrilled by this post, even though she didn't write a word of it herself. Errr, not that she couldn't write that well if she tried, he said, not wanting to incur her wrath.


In other news of the blogosphere, some months ago I was astonished to find an outpost of the extreme American right blogging here in Berlin. Called Davids Medienkritik, it analyzed German media for "anti-American bias," and not only found loads of it lurking in the mainstream media, but found actual socialism happening at the highest government levels! Like most of the echo chamber, they don't take well to criticism, and so Radio Free Mike, who freelances for Spiegel Online, has been taking crap from them recently. If you've got an interest in this sort of thing, I invite you to go over there and check out the ongoing battle. You can find Davids Medienkritik's link yourself, if you see fit. I don't much feel like giving them more hits, for some reason.


In a daring experiment, the government, this weekend, allowed stores to open on Sunday for a few hours. The reason is that German Unity Day, Oct. 3, a federal holiday, falls on Tuesday, so this Sunday opening takes the place of that. Not that anyone was at the Stupidmarket when I was over there just now (including the personnel in the fish, meat, and cheese departments), but it was nice not to have to jam everything into a Saturday rush. It appears also that a lot of art galleries took advantage of this, particularly the brand-new ones on Brunnenstr., which seems to be picking up the second-rate gallery banner from Schröderstr., which now only has one mediocre gallery on it. But Germans still haven't picked up on the idea of Sunday shopping, and they may never do so.

As for me, I hope to enjoy the holiday at the last races of the season out at Hoppegarten. From the looks of things, fall is coming in, and one last day in the sun sounds like a real good idea.

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