Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fresh Air In Berlin

No, this isn't a Berliner Luft joke. It's a commercial.

For over 18 years, I've contributed to what rapidly became one of America's top radio shows, Fresh Air. Its success is due to Terry Gross, the woman who invented the show, and her amazing interviews. She gets great stuff out of just about everyone she talks to (although Monica Lewinsky memorably walked out in mid-interview), and that's why millions of people tune in each day.

Now, National Public Radio, the American network which carries the show, has taken over the old RIAS frequency here in Berlin, 104.1 FM, and is broadcasting Fresh Air several times a day:

Tues-Sat. 0400, 1000, 1800. The 1800 show is the current day's show, picking up the feed from Philadelphia as the show goes out at noon over there. Monday's first two shows is the weekend "best of" edition.

You can get the show over the internet, a day late, and if you'd like to hear some of my pieces on your computer, you can just click here.

Since I've never lived anywhere I could pick up my own pieces on the radio, I consider this a sign that, finances and professional catastrophes notwithstanding, I'm about to move.


jay lassiter said...

Fresh Air is "die Spitze." I've been working the pledgedrive at WHYY this week. There have been a few terry gross sightings which makes the volunteers very excited.

Thanks Ed for your contributions to the Fresh Air. That show brings pleasure and enrichment into my life.

Would a move from Berlin change your music beat?

Ed Ward said...

Absolutely not. I'd just record at Radio Bleu (a division of Radio France).

Michael Scott Moore said...

Bill O'Reilly shares that honor of walking out on Terry Gross, by the way. I wonder if he has anything else in common with Monica.