Wednesday, April 12, 2006

But Of Course

Just a footnote on yesterday's post.

I was walking around Oranienburger Str. today on other business, and came to the vacant lot in front of that blot on the local landscape. There was a sign standing there that said that the artist who'd committed it was from Vancouver, and his art consisted of putting up his poetry in visible public sites. So that's art and poetry, in case you didn't recognize it.

At the bottom of the sign was the logo of the current Berlin Biennale, marking it as one of the exhibitions in it. I thought it was suspicious that the New York Times could devote an entire article to it yesterday without actually, like, mentioning much of the art.

Guess I should take my notepad and hit the damn thing myself. I managed to avoid the last one, but the first two were really something to be ashamed of for a city that trumpets itself as an art center the way this one does. Stay tuned for a long post dripping with venom.

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