Sunday, April 24, 2005

Satankom Strikes Again

Bear with me. I have some nifty stuff to post, but I have to be at my desk, with access to various books and hyperlinks. Right now I'm at an internet cafe down the street, because I was a day late -- that's right, one day late with my phone payment.

This zero tolerance was also extended to two other people I know on the same day, and is, sadly, typical of Deutsche Telekom's relationship with its customers. Also, there's no negotiating with them: they turn you back on when they're good and ready.

There used to be a place, a storefront, where you could go pay your bills, but they don't do that any more. I guess there were too many irate customers coming in and threatening the workers. Wouldn't surprise me, at any rate. So I had to fill out a money transfer form, take it to the bank, and wait. That was Tuesday. Friday the thing finally went through, but of course there's no way Telekom works on Saturday, so I'm gambling they'll turn me on tomorrow. If not, it could be up to a week longer.

And, like I said, no way you can negotiate with them: I stand to lose €900 worth of work for a German government publication if I can't get back on this week, but this bit of information would make no impact whatever on them. They simply don't care what happens to their customers.

But I'll be back and posting again as soon as I can. And working overtime to get out of this horrible place.

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