Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Another Expat

This is too good to let pass. I've been corresponding with Ray Reece for a number of years, since he solicited my advice about expatriation. Seems he was at a conference in Amsterdam and met a beautiful young Italian widow. One thing led to another and the next thing he knew was he was living in beautiful downtown Cagli, in the Marche region of Italy. But in order to retire early, his beloved had to spend some time teaching abroad, so they wound up in Szeged, Hungary, where she teaches at the university and Ray, well, Ray was restless for a while.

But as of today, he's got a gig writing a Postcard From Szeged for the Budapest Sun, the English-language weekly in Budapest. I wish him luck: the first column is one, I think, he might look back at with a tinge of embarrassment in five or ten years, but it's also probably important that he can go back and see the place with the eyes he's wearing now after he settles in some.

Be curious about what you folks think, too.

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