Tuesday, September 19, 2006

That Time Again

I may very well be absent here until Saturday, because PopKomm is here again, and as I type I'm waiting to hear from the SXSW crew to show up so we can head over to the ICC and start building up our stand. Since I'm the guy who gets to stand there and explain that no, we're not a record company; no, we don't want your CD just at the moment; no we can't book your band, while the other folks are doing business, I'll be out of pocket until the circus leaves town on Saturday. Meanwhile Berlin's clubs are filled to bursting with bands -- the only time of the year this happens, actually; hell, you'd think there was a music scene here if this was the only time you ever showed up in this city -- and I will, most likely, see exactly none of them.

But you can bet I'll post a PopKomm post-mortem.

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