Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Card

I figured it'd be nice to post a Christmas card from Berlin, and although this wasn't taken today, it's got all the right elements: dirty snow, an ugly Communist modular apartment house on the left, decaying buildings on the right, a guy with a (probably) counterfeit bit of hip-hop wear, and, rising in the distance, the golden-filigreed dome of the Neue Synagogue. If I were to blow up the building across the alley from mine and stick my head out the window just so, this is the view I'd be seeing, more or less. As it is, since I head down that street (Tucholskystr., for those of you following on the map, the big street in front being Torstr.) almost every day to catch the S-Bahn or walk to Unter den Linden or Alexanderplatz, I see it often enough.

Look out the window of wherever it is you are today and ask yourself, "Am I better off?" Answer: probably. After all, you can't smell this photo.

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