Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Patriotic Utterance

I don't get into American politics here. I don't live in America, and there are many, many other bloggers who do.

I do, however, belong to the Well, an online community which just celebrated its 20th anniversary (I've only been on for five of those years), and every now and again someone there makes a comment which deserves to be spread further. Thing is, you can't read the Well unless you join, and part of the rules when you join is you can't re-post other people's stuff without their permission.

Fortunately, there are a lot of bloggers there, and the other day one of them, off the top of his head during a 20-minute break from his job, wrote one of the most concise, clear, and honest appraisals of the state of the American media I've read. And posted it on his blog.

If he'd had it up yesterday, or I'd known abut it yesterday, I would have posted it here as the best 4th of July present I could give my fellow Americans, and the many people from other countries who read this blog.

Please take a minute to read it here.

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