Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WM Outrages Of The Day

First, thanks to Hudson for the pics of assorted WM players' girlfriends in incredibly stupid outfits, none of which is as stupid as the dress I mentioned a couple of posts back. I guess I'm going to have to go back there and photograph it.

Then, I was walking by Butlers today, the store with the four-Euro-per-roll football-patterned toilet paper, if you remember, and saw a grill painted like a football. Cheap tin, and I'm sure it wouldn't last until the finals under regular use, but then, grilling is illegal almost everywhere in Berlin, so I'm sure nobody will be able to find out for sure. Still: hideous.

And, finally, Kevin sends along this short video, which will be incomprehensible to most of my readers, both because it's in German and it's sung in a speeded-up voice. Also because, for reasons I have never been able to discover, having a "Schwein" means having an unexpected bit of good luck. With Germany facing Poland in an hour and a half and reports from Dortmund of fan clashes in the streets there, a defeat for Deutschland tonight would be all the Schwein I need today.

And for a little relief, I want to thank the estimable Static for finding this video of one of my favorite bands, one which only played once in the U.S. -- and long before they got this good -- featuring a teenage-looking Nick Lowe.

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