Friday, April 28, 2006

Now I've Seen It All #246

Last night, Mike, of Radio Free Mike, had his monthly Stammtisch, which can basically be described as a get-together for bloggers, readers of blogs, friends of Mike, and their friends. It was held at the Cafe Kr├╝ger in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, which is largely populated by people cooler than me.

At any rate, the beer flowed, as did the conversation, and at one point, I realized the beer had to flow out, so I went off to the men's room. There, I noticed that the toilet -- the sit-down one, as opposed to the stand-up ones -- had a table next to it. On the table was a slice of cake, a cup of coffee, a small glass containing a couple of cigarettes, a pack of matches, and an ashtray. I couldn't believe they were real, so I approached and very gingerly touched the top of the cake, a chocolate-looking thing (the lights were pretty dim) with a white layer sandwiched in the middle. It yielded, and was a bit sticky, although by no means fresh.

"Oh, yeah," Mike said, "sometimes there's a glass of wine instead of the coffee."

"There's a similar set-up in the women's room," I was further informed.

Germany has cranked itself up to celebrate Sigmund Freud's 150th birthday this year, so I'll leave the analysis of this odd art installation to the professionals.

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