Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Two Election Crumbs

Had to walk up the hill today, and when I got outside, the cold air slowly got wet, mist converging into light rain after a while. Not a day I'd like to spend too much time outdoors, but I'm not trying to get elected, and the gentleman I recognized from all the SPD posters in the neighborhood was. He and some party workers had set up their gear at the Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn stop, and were hailing people to engage in some dialogue. The poor guy: not only was the weather filthy, but when I passed by, he'd managed to find none other than the notorious 6 to talk to. It's weird how few people notice this guy until their attention is drawn to his work, but he bikes all over, drawing big 6s on things, occasionally also leaving the URL for his completely incomprehensible website. The paint he uses looks like dried vomit, and I could see the chunks in it, resting in a pot slung onto his bike's handlebars. He was haranguing the politician about something, and the poor guy looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. Anywhere else. And who wouldn't?


Thanks to Karen, though, for passing this along. I have no idea about its satirical content, or even how to use it to produce the best satirilcal punch, but it's good and wacky, and makes as much sense as any other election commentary at the moment. Ladies and gentlemen, for your dining and voting pleasure, we present the Bundesdance.


Shawn said...

Thanks for that... I clicked on it and it cracked me up. I couldn't stop trying different combinations. The biggest laugh? The Americans... Anyway, it made my day.

David C. Fox said...

did u realize herr streetart is on Flickr? u can add him as a contact ;)