Friday, November 19, 2004

Another Technical Note

Really Soon Now there'll be a couple of ads on the side of this thing for a book called The Rose and the Briar and the CD that goes with it. I have an essay in the book, in the company of everyone from Joyce Carole Oates to R. Crumb to (ugh) Stanley Crouch, and the ballad I wrote about is on the CD.

What this means in general is that I've been accepted by's Associates program, and that I can link to products (books and records in particular is what I was thinking of) that I refer to and if you click on the link and wind up buying the item, I get a check. I think the maximum they'll give you, though, is $25 on an individual sale, so I didn't bother to see if Amazon sells Ferarris.

It also means I'll likely be talking more about books and records here, which I've wanted to do more of, and I'll likely post a year-end top ten list, too, all clickable, great for last-minute Christmas giving or something.

Speaking of which, The Rose and the Briar makes a great Christmas gift! Love and death! What could be more Christmassy than that?

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