Saturday, September 11, 2004


Hey, sorry to anyone who tried to log on this week. Technical difficulties at our beloved host (whose exact nature I am blissfully ignorant of) kept the site down for a while, but we're back up.

I've been wanting to jot down some notes about my fantastic long weekend at Ars Electronica this year, because only a fraction got into the three articles I wrote (the third of which came out today), but between the site being down and the incredible amount of (paying!) work I had this week, it just didn't happen. It might in the next day or two, though, so stay tuned.

That is, if the long, long article I'm writing for Tekka, doesn't interfere. This is a very interesting mag, but it costs $50 a year to subscribe, and I don't know if the article is going to be reprinted elsewhere -- or if it can be. But it's about the future of the record business, why I hate downloads, and iPods and all the rest, and believe it or not it all makes sense.

Well, I think so, anyhow.

But the frequency of this blog will definitely pick up in the days to come. Thanks for your patience!

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